I am an artist and printmaker, living and working in Oakland, California. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts with High Distinction in Printmaking from the California College of The Arts.

I was born in San Francisco to parents who didn’t believe in television, meat or sugar. It wasn’t long before I started painting portraits of myself with sprinkled donuts, dreaming of all that was forbidden, from pop stars to crispy bacon. There was a dark and dirty world out there, and I wanted a taste of every raw and sugary piece of it.

My work is inspired by the icons and individuals who have shaped my vision, thirst, and understanding of the world. Since childhood I have collected images from the pages of trashy magazines, newspapers and paperbacks, compiling a wealth of treasures frozen in time by issue dates, destined to short lives on cheap paper. My work celebrates the royal family of characters who have influenced me in all their human and god-like glory, from the innocence of shooting stars to the discarded remnants of fame.

Self Portrait with Sprinkled Donuts
Acrylic, 20" x 30", 1982